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October 19, 2017

Web-Street Talk
Trend analysis of readers reactions in response to major current events and articles by influential writers

Suleiman: Change you can't believe in    
February 09, 2011
Seizing the opportunity created by the uprising in Egypt, the head of Egyptian Intelligence masterminded the swifter political coup in the Arab World. Within seventy-two hours, he got rid of the president, his family, all of his foes in the cabinet and most importantly the powerful interior minister. PI Online examines how this surreal plan was executed and why we should not let it succeed.
To the Washington Post from the Muslim Brotherhood     
December 11, 2010
Many, including the Washington Post, cried foul when the latest Egyptian parliamentary elections seemed rigged. The Post also decried what they viewed as a the timid U.S. Government response and a lack of American concern for "who or what will succeed Hosni Mubarak". PI Online examines democracy in Egypt through the eyes of the Muslim Brotherhood to see if the Post missed the point.
Diplomacy, Yes - Normalization, No    
October 26, 2009
The concept of "Normalization" between Israel and Egypt remains a thorny issue. A case in point is the storm that erupted this month over an invitation extended to the Israeli ambassador by a chief editor of a relatively unknown magazine published under the auspices of Al-Ahram...
Web-Street Reactions - GAZA    
January 04, 2009
PI Online analyzed more than 2500 commentaries posted on Arabic Website during the first forty-eight hours following the bombing of Gaza.
PI 561 - Palestinian Fratricide - The Arab View    
August 07, 2008
Several Arab governments and the media are fretting over the violent confrontations between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza and the West Bank. PI Online examines the views of several writers and reaction in the street to these events.
PI B113 - Briefings - Pope's Baptism - Islamic Summit    
March 24, 2008
* Street Reactions to the Pope's Baptism of a Converted Muslim
* Review and Analysis of the 11th Islamic Summit
[PI 538] How Did Egypt Get Trapped?
Two Opposing Perspectives
January 29, 2008
The situation in Egypt is dangerous enough to warrant serious coordinated efforts by many parties to avert a disaster. PI Online examines two opposing views on the unfolding developments of the Gaza crisis.
[PI 520] The King and the Pope - The Word on the Street    
November 11, 2007
For most Middle East observers the fact that the Saudi Arabian King met with the Pope in the Vatican was itself significant, and PI Online's statistics show that Arab reaction on the street was generally positive. Yet, uncharacteristically, Thomas Freedman of the New York Times sees the glass half-empty and says the visit has ''left no trace.''
[PI 802] Street Reaction to Bin Ladin Audio Releases    
October 24, 2007
PI Online Filtered and analyzed 439 messages collected between 10/22 and 10/24 from the Web commenting on the Bin Ladin latest audio releases.
[PI 801] Web-Street reactions to the condemnation of Bin-Ladin by an prominent Islamist Sheikh    
September 24, 2007
An analysis of 1052 messages in response to sheikh Al-'Awdah's letter condemning Bin Ladin which were collected and filtered from numerous websites by PI Online show that it may be possible to generate a credible debate by appealing to logical arguments advanced by influential religious writers.

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