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August 17, 2017


PI B124 Briefings 20080903    
September 03, 2008
* GAZA: An Al-Qaeda Presence in Question!
* LIBYA: Qaddafi's Liberterian Ideology
PI B123 - Briefings 20080825    
August 25, 2008
* IRAQ: The Betrayal of the Sahwa [Awakening] Councils in Iraq
* GAZA: Shame...shame...shame - The Blockade Conquerors are not Arabs
* PAKISTAN: Taliban Movement Banned
Briefings : Al-Qaeda - The Copts    
July 25, 2008
* Al-Qaeda's Leader in Afghanistan Speaks out
* Islamic Writer Huweidi Condemns Coptic Bishop's Declaration: "Copts are not Arabs"
Briefings - 20080707    
July 07, 2008
* The Man Who Represented the Egyptian Left is Dead
* The Saudi Minister of Education Declares: Curriculums Have Contributed to the Hatching of Terrorists
Briefing - On Women    
June 01, 2008
* Bahrain to Appoint Jewish Woman Ambassador to the United States
* Kuwait: Unveiled Members of Parliament Create Crisis on Opening Day
PI B118 - Briefings [ Muslim Brotherhood - Haykal - Sufism]    
May 30, 2008
* Muslim Brotherhood Leader praises Bin Ladin
* Haykal: Embracing Hizbullah is an Arab Must
* Sufism back in Style
PI B117 - Briefings    
April 23, 2008
* Conflicting Arab Views on Carter's Meeting with Hamas
* Father's Conversion Disinherits Non-Muslim Children
* The Prophet Practiced Secularism
Briefings: Arab League - Qaradawi - Muslim Brotherhood    
April 16, 2008
* Amr Moussa: Only Extremists Want a Clash of Civilizations
* Qaradawi: Miniscule Percentages of Alcohol Allowed in Drinks
* Jail Sentences for 25 Members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood
Briefings - 4/9/2008    
April 09, 2008
* Egyptians on Full Alert at Gaza Border
* 90 Members of the Libyan "Fighting Islamic Group" Released
Briefings - 3/31/2008    
March 31, 2008
* Al-Azhar Conservative Pronouncements: No to the Inheritance of Christian/Jewish Wife from her Muslim Husband - No to the Equality of Testimony Between a Man and a Woman - No to the Restricting the Number of Wives
* Consternation Over Gaddafi's Remarks at Arab Summit
* Intellectuals and Organizations Defend Two Writers against a Fatwa Calling for Their Head
PI B113 - Briefings - Pope's Baptism - Islamic Summit    
March 24, 2008
* Street Reactions to the Pope's Baptism of a Converted Muslim
* Review and Analysis of the 11th Islamic Summit
Briefings from Jordan, Germany and Dubai [PI B112]    
March 13, 2008
* Spiritual Father of Al-Zarqawi Released from Prison
* First Association in Germany for Jewish - Muslim Dialogue is Launched
* Combating the Negative Western Perception of the Prophet through Cultural Education
Briefings 3/8/2008 [PI B111]    
March 08, 2008
* Al-Jazeera Apologizes for Broadcast of Arab-American Psychiatrist Criticizing Islam
* Al-Sadr Explains his Seclusion and Acknowledges Dissension in the Ranks
* First Woman Allowed to Perform Marriages in Egypt
Briefings from France - Egypt and Libya    
February 26, 2008
* Israel Honored at "Le Salon du Livre" - Arabs Object [France]
* Book: "Love and Sex of the Prophet" - banned by Al-Azhar [Egypt]
* Qaddafi's Son Takes Leading Role in Reconciling with Militants [Libya]
Briefings from Turkey-Iraq-Britain-Egypt    
February 13, 2008
* Veiling and Unveiling - Turkey & Iraq
* Apostates and the Copts - Egypt
* Cardinal of Canterbury Calls for Implementation of Shari'a
* British Deny Qaradawi Visa
* Religious Police at the exit door? a survey
* Islamic Movements in parliament
January 15, 2008
- The Infamous and powerful "Religious Police" of Saudi Arabia may be replaced by a civil communal force.
- Islamic Movements in Arab parliaments: Fanfare without Results
Briefings - 12/12/2007    
December 12, 2007
*Hizbullah Condemns the Assassination of Lebanese General
* Qadafi Creates French Crisis
* Is there an Egyptian-Iranian Rapprochement?

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